Development and Application of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

PC29 Technical Data Sheet

Appearance: White crystalline solid or clear to milky white liquid above 29oC

Chemical composition: Hydrated calcium chloride (min.90%)

Density: 1.71 g/cm3 at 25oC

Specific gravity: 1.58 at 32oC

Melting point: 29oC

Latent heat of fusion: 188 kJ/kg (isothermal max)

Heat capacity (liquid): 2.31 kJ/kgoC

Heat capacity (solid): 1.43 kJ/kgoC

Thermal conductivity (solid): 0.0109 J/sec/cmoC

Thermal conductivity (liquid): 0.0054 J/sec/ cmoC

Non combustible

Non flammable

Non Dangerous Goods classification – MSDS available on application.

Materials compatibility up to 50oC:

Most common thermo resins and thermo-set resin

Glass, concrete, rubber and hardwoods.

Not recommended for extended contact with various stainless steels, aluminium or copper-based alloys.

It is strongly recommended that intended material usage compatibility be confirmed with qualified materials specialist or with PCP.

An innovative solution to keep fridge / freezers cold during power outages

PCP Cool


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