Development and Application of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

PC17 Technical Data Sheet

Appearance: White crystalline solid or clear to milky white liquid above 17 oC

Chemical composition: Hydrated calcium chloride and calcium bromide (min.90%)

Density: 1.80 g/cm3 at 15oC

Specific gravity: 1.65 at 20oC

Melting point: 17oC

Latent heat of fusion: 145 kJ/kg (isothermal max)

Heat capacity (liquid): 1.5 kJ/kgoC

Heat capacity (solid): 2.5 kJ/kgoC (est.)

Thermal conductivity (solid): 0.010 J/sec/cmoC (est.)

Thermal conductivity (liquid): 0.005 J/sec/ cmoC (est.)

Non flammable

Non Dangerous Goods classification – MSDS available on application.

Materials compatibility up to 40oC:

All common thermo resins and thermo-set resin

Glass, concrete, rubber and hardwoods.

Extended contract with various steels, stainless steels, aluminum or copper-based alloys only where oxygen is excluded.

It is strongly recommended that intended material usage compatibility be confirmed with qualified materials specialist or with PCP.

An innovative solution to keep fridge / freezers cold during power outages

PCP Cool


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